Omar enters in silence into the room where He rests. He looks around him. A dry piece of leather hung to the ceiling, a few kilograms of barley inside a sack, a handful of tree leaves by the wall and on the ground, a coarse rush mat woven with date fibers on which Prophet Mohammed sleeps. Omar, who starts to weep before this sight, wakes Him with his sobs. Omar sees when He rises that the rush mat left traces on His body and blood gathered around these traces and on this, his sobs turn into a cry with shoulders shaking. Prophet Mohammed asks in surprise: -O Son of Hattab! Why are you crying? -O Allah’s messenger! While the Iranians lodge their emperors in palaces, while the Byzantines overwhelm their Caesars in luxury and magnificence, and whereas you who are Allah’s envoy… Could You not permit that we… The purpose is clear, but Allah’s messenger interrupts his future caliph’s words with a sad smile and a nice gesture of hand, and recites the verse (Ankebut, 64) “Life in this word is nothing but an entertainment and a game, whereas in the land of the other world, truly that is the true life. If only they had known” and adds: -Wouldn’t you want 0 Omar, that this world would be theirs, and the other world ours?

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