It was fourteen centuries ago and it was a night like this,
An orphan as bright as the full moon emerged out of the sands!
Alas, what a mishap it was: the eyes were ignorant of it,
Whereas they had been in anticipation thereof for so many thousands of years!
How could they see? Of course they would fail to see it;
Since, for one thing, the desert where he rose was a most remote place;
And, another thing, the state of world then
Was in crises – much worse than it is today.
Mankind outdid hyenas in rapacity;
If one did not have any teeth, his own brothers ate him!
The anarchy had invaded all the horizons of the earth.
Epidemic was the trouble of disintegration – which has collapsed the East today.

Then he had grown up and reached the age of forty – the orphan,
The bloody feet that walked over heads found water,
That Innocent Personage saved the mankind in a single blast of breath,
He defeated all the Kings and Emperors in an attack!
All the rights of the weak were but to be oppressed, but they revived;
And decline never occurred to the intellect of the tyrants, but they died!
Yes, it was the Mercy to All the Worlds – His Manifest Law of Islam,
He spread his wings over the lands that asked for justice.
Whatever the world possesses, they are all thanks to Him;
Indebted to him are all the communities; indebted to him are all the individuals.
Indebted to that Innocent Personage is the whole humankind…
O, our Lord! We beg You to resurrect us on Judgment Day with this resolution.

Mehmet Akif Ersoy

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